Katy TX Restaurants – Dine Out At Some Of The Best Places To Eat

November 13, 2018

What finds you visiting the Katy TX area? There are some great restaurants there, 566 of them to be exact. That’s quite a lot for a suburb of Houston, wouldn’t you say? If you are ready to see some of the dining establishments that Katy has to offer, check these out. Here are four of the best places to eat in Katy, Texas.

The first pick is an Italian restaurant that is really popular. It’s called Antonia’s Restaurant, and it is located at 2001 Katy Mills Boulevard. Stuffed mushrooms make the menu highlights, and that sounds absolutely delicious. You’re going to find homemade authentic pasta dishes on the menu as well, and the restaurant is said to be great for group dining. The decor is also quite nice according to reviews, so Antonia’s Restaurant is the whole package.

Local Table is located at 22756 Westheimer Parkway, and it is known for its cheesesteaks, among other delicious menu items. How does beef tenderloin sound, or what about a gyro plate or a goat cheese appetizer? You can also order up wraps, croissant french toast and more. The croissant french toast sounds absolutely delicious, don’t you think? Local Table is a delight and a great spot for brunch in Katy.

Next up is Midway Barbecue, and its location is 6025 Highway Boulevard. You’re going to enjoy some delicious Texas BBQ, and the sides make the menu highlights as well. Is it time for some brisket? How about some fried okra and mac n’ cheese? Those are just some of the featured favorites at Midway Barbecue. Calling all barbecue lovers: You have found your place to eat.

The Cellar Door is an interesting pick, and it is considered to be a wine bar. Located at 829 South Mason Road, The Cellar Door is known for its meat and cheese platters and its tomahawk steak. That tomahawk steak sure does sound good, but so does a meat and cheese platter with wine. This dining establishment also serves up delicious burgers, pork belly, red snapper and more.

Katy TX is home to quite a few restaurants as mentioned. Knowing some great picks helps you find the best meal much quicker. Where would you and your family like to go? Maybe one of these restaurants doesn’t fit what you’re looking for. Don’t worry because there are quite a few more great places to eat in the city of Katy TX.